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Elizabeth Lennard – C.V.


SOLO SHOWS – altered photography (a selection)

2018     A short and incomplete history of the column,  Galerie Gilles Peyroulet & Cie Paris

2015    Architectures & Friends, Galerie Pixi Marie Victoire Poliakoff, Paris, nov-dec

2014    Duras Films, Szabo Ervin Library, Budapest, October

2012    Berkeley Girls, Gallery Pixi, Paris, June-July

2011   Jelly Molds, Stairways and a few other things, Gallery Pixi, Feb-March

            Portugal ’75, Pente10 Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal

2008    India, Dinter Fine Art, New York City, Jan-Feb

            Paris-New York, le Coin des Arts, July-August, Paris

2007    Berkeley Girls, Frank Pictures Gallery, Bergamot Station, Los Angeles

2005-6  Past Present, Marie Victoire Poliakoff Pixi Gallery, Paris

2004     India Marie Victoire Poliakoff Pixi Gallery, Paris

2002    Objects Lie… FNAC Montparnasse, Mois de la Photo, Paris

             Objects lie on a table & Botanical Gardens, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Brussels

2000    Botanical Gardens & Objects Lie On a Table, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, 

             Paris Signs Marie Victoire Poliakoff-Pixi Gallery, November, Paris 

1999    Botanical Gardens, Marie Victoire Poliakoff-Pixi Gallery, April/May, Paris  

1996    A list: Homage to Gertrude Stein and the French Landscape French Cultural

            Services, New York/ Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Paris

1995    New York, New York, M. 20 Gallery, Hamburg

1992    Van Melle Gallery, Paris

1989    Viviane Esders Gallery, Paris

1986    Thackerey & Robertson Gallery, San Francisco

1981    Kunsthalle, Ingolstadta

1980    Bernd Lange-Irschl Gallery, Munich

1979    Painted New York, Centre Georges Pompidou, Museum of Modern Art, Paris

            Thackerey & Robertson Gallery, San Francisco


GROUP SHOWS (a selection)

2018     L'ennemi de mon ennemi, Neil Beloufa,  Palais de Tokyo, Paris, feb - may

2016     HOW SHOULD WE LIVE? Museum of Modern Art, New York October - April 2017 

2016     Zurcher Salon, New York with Gallery Pixi - May

2016    Les Années 1980, l’insoutenable légèreté, Centre Pompidou, feb - May

2016     Nos plus lointains souvenirs, galerie Episodique, Paris February

2015    C’est la vie ?, Occidental temporary, organisée par Neil Beloufa, Villejuif, Oct-nov

2014     Un regard I & II, Gallery Pixi, Paris, Sept – Dec

2013    Against Baudelaire, le Médicis, also curated by Elizabeth Lennard, Dec/Jan

             Always Yours, des objets manqués, des monuments I & II  Curated by Neil Beloufa,

             Balice Hertling Gallery, Paris

2011     Arkhaiologia, Centre PasquArt, Sept. – November, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

            Summer Salt, curated by Ingrid Dinter, The Proposition Gallery, July 6 – August 7, N.Y.

2010    Versailles photographed 1850-2010, Château de Versailles, Jan - April

             Consider the Oyster, curated by Ingrid Dinter, James Graham and Sons, New York City

2008-9  How to Cook a Wolf, Dinter Fine Art, New York City

2008     Des Jeunes gens modernes, Galerie du Jour Agnes B . Paris, Hong Kong

             Transparencies, l’Imagerie, Lannion

2007     Common Objects, Dinter Fine Art, New York City

2006     Art Paris, Marie Victoire Poliakoff-Pixi Gallery, October, Grand Palais, Paris

2005     La Légèreté, Marie Victoire Poliakoff-Pixi Gallery Pixi Gallery, Paris

2003    Paris Photo,  Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Atelier Franck Bordas

2001    Prime Choice, Marie Victoire Poliakoff- Pixi Gallery, Oct, Paris 

2000    Art Paris, Marie Victoire Poliakoff-Pixi Gallery, October, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

            « Histoires naturelles », Museum of Natural History, Nov-Jan, Paris

            Le Dessin Autrement, l’imagerie, Lannion, April-May

1999    FIAC, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, September, Paris

             Art Brussels, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Art Paris, Gallery Pixi, September

1998    100th Anniversary of New York City, New York Public Library, New York

            Recycling Art History, Pittsburg Center for the Arts, Pittsburg

            ARCO 98, Madrid, Art Brussels, Filles du Calvaire Gallery

1997    Paris Photo, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

1996    Photographers and the snap cardigan Agnes b, Centre Georges Pompidou

1994    La Ville, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

1992    Découvertes 92, Gallery Van Melle, Grand Palais, Paris

            La Photographie en Miettes II, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

1985    Monuments Looking for an Author, CNMH, Hôtel de Sully, Paris

1984    Images et Imaginaires d'Architecture, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

             Subject, Object or Pretext? DRAC Aquitaine

1981     Hand Painted Photographs, De Sasset Museum, Santa Clara, California

             The Self-Portrait, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

1978     A Thousand Eyes, Moderna Museet, Stockholm


Cross-disciplinary performances & Video Objects


2015   E1027 Design for Living, Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici, performance, producede with grants  from the Graham Foundation, Herman Liebmann Foundation, French  Ministry of Culture; Performance: AIA/New York Center for Architecture, June 26 & June 11,12,13 Ecole Nationale Superieure of Architecture Paris Malaquais.


2012 & 2006  Short Sentences by Gertrude Stein, adaptation: Elizabeth Lennard & Danielle

          Mémoire, directed by Elizabeth Lennard. Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels & the Grand Palais, Paris,                                 January 15, 2012


2009 & 2010 Pour faire une cordelière, video performance in collaboration with Danielle Mémoire

           for “le Nouveau Festival”, Pompidou Center, Paris ; Franco-PortugesInstitute, Lisbon, October 25


2006   Poetry and Painting, happening in the Girodet Exhibition, Louvre Museum,

            Paris, adaptation & creation Elizabeth Lennard

  The Revolt of Cairo, video commissioned by Guy Cogeval & Sylvain Bellenger part of the Girodet  Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal


2002    Accents in Alsace- video opera & For the Country Entirely, adapted from Gertrude Stein by Elizabeth Lennard & Danielle Mémoire, music by Marc Olivier Dupin, directed  by Elizabeth Lennard. Musica Festival,

Strasbourg, Oct. 3 & MC93 Bobigny, Oct. 8-23 


2001  15 Days in the American Wilderness, multimedia performance adapted from Alexis de Tocqueville with Geoffrey          Carey, Museum of American Art at Giverny, Terra   Foundation, July 15; Maison Française, Columbia University,    New York, September 13; Co-Sponsored by the Florence Gould Foundation


2000   For the Country Entirely, Bonne Année, Ladies Voices, Curtain Raiser multimedia performance from Gertrude Stein adapted by Elizabeth Lennard & Danielle Mémoire directed by Elizabeth Lennard, with Geoffrey Carey,   Coralie Seyrig & Dominic Gould, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Paris; Museum of American Art, Giverny, Terra Foundation.


1998   Counting her dresses, He Said It, Objects Lie On A Table, Every Afternoon, If I told him, a completed portrait of Picasso, by Gertrude Stein, multimedia performance adaptated by Elizabeth Lennard & Danielle Mémoire, directed by Elizabeth Lennard, with Geoffrey Carey & Coralie Seyrig, Filles du Calvaire Gallery, Paris


1996    A List by Gertrude Stein, directed by Elizabeth Lennard with Laura Benson, Dominic Gould, Coralie Seyrig, Geoffrey Carey,  Filles du Calvaire  Gallery, Paris


FILMOGRAPHY  - all films are directed by Elizabeth Lennard  (a selection)

2016 Talking House: Eileen Gray & Jean Badovici, 43 min, voices Geoffrey Carey & Mathilda Kime, ADFF NY, Urbaneye Film fest Bucharest, Film Casino Vienna, Munich Film Museum


2012    Battle Scenes of Louis François Lejeune, 15 min, shown in the exhibition Napoleon’s Wars Louis

François Lejeune General & Painter at the Chateau de Versailles, production & DVD release:  Mirage Illimité


2011    The Stein Family, The Making of Modern Art, 54 minutes, produced by Artline Films, broadcast on Arte, shown at the Grand Palais Oct – Jan 2012; 30th ARTFIFA; Lincoln Center, NY; Louvre Museum, Paris    


2009   Casa Bronfman, 38 min., co-directed with Ermanno Corrado, FIFA Montreal, 2010,  ADFF Tribeca

           Cinemas, New York, 2010


2004    Serge Poliakoff at Close Range, 52 minutes, Artline Films, aired on France 5, shown at ARTFIFA

           Montreal and The Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, 2013-14


1998    Edith Wharton, The Sense of Harmony, 57 min., France 3,  Maison Française, Columbia University,  New York; France Amériques, Paris, Berkshire Film Festival & Indiepix Films release 2014


1995   Plis d'Excellence, Post Office Museum, Paris. 5 part-video installation on: Michel Butor, James Lee  

          Byars, Estelle Cabannes, Dominique Briffaut & Pisani/Charlemagne.


1994    Blois, Amphitheatre on the Loire, four part video installation: Museum of Fine Arts, Blois Castle.  


1990    Le Gisant, History of Henri de Triqueti’s Cenotaph of Ferdinand d'Orléans, 26min.

            Co-written with Sylvain Bellenger; aired on Canal Planet


1985   Tokyo Melody, a film about Ryuichi Sakamoto, 16mm color, 62 min. Co-produced by National

            Audiovisual Institute & Yoroshita Music Inc. Aired on the NHK and FRANCE 3.  Film festivals:

           Rotterdam, London, New Directors /New Films MOMA, NY;   Edinburgh,  Locarno, Tokyo, Melbourne,  

          Sidney, San Francisco, Filmex, Los Angeles...


1984    Duo with Katia & Marielle Labèque, 16mm, 26 min. also produced by E. Lennard  

            Cinematography: Nestor Almendros & Edward Lachman; Aired on A & E and France 2


1981    Meeting with Gisele Freund, 16mm 14mn. Also produced by Elizabeth Lennard & The Pompidou   Center; broadcast on Canal Planet


1979    Mardi Gras, based on a poem by Blaise Cendrars; 16mm 9 mn. Showings: Lille Film Festival,  ICP, NY

            Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris



2000   Objects Lie on a Table, play by Gertrude Stein, translated by D. Memoire

            & E. Lennard, preface by Ulla Dydo published by Filigranes Editions, Lec’H Geffroy

            Botanical Gardens, preface by Gerard Durozoi, Filigranes Editions, Lec’H Geffroy

            Paris Signs, Preface by Lisa Liebmann, Filigranes Editions, Lec’H Geffroy


1997   Le Jardin des Bambous, photographs by Elizabeth Lennard, text Alexander Chemetoff,  Hazan Editions, 


1976  Women Sisters photos by Erica Lennard, poems & text Elizabeth Lennard, post face Marguerite Duras,             Editions des Femmes, Paris


1973   Sunday with Erica Lennard, children’s book with photographs, Lustrum Press, N.Y.



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